Summerset Sizzler Series 26″ Barbecue Grill


Sizzler 26″ Built-in Grill

Quality you can afford. The latest addition to the Summerset line, the Sizzler Series is a premium product at an unbeatable price. Constructed in all #443 stainless steel* and designed with careful precision to ensure optimal airflow and even heating, this grill gives its higher-priced competitors a run for their money in both durability and grilling performance. The Sizzler will impress the most discriminating of grillers.

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Summerset Sizzler Barbecue Grill With Three Lit Burners

Stainless Steel Tube Burners

12,000 BTU Rating
Summerset Tube Burners are versatile and capable of cooking anything to perfection. Made of high-quality stainless steel, these burners offer durability, ruggedness and can handle high BTU power at the turn of a knob!

Locked-in Briquette Trays

Summerset Line of Grills

With Summerset, you can count on receiving a high-quality, performant grill that looks sleek and modern.

Summerset Sizzler Series Barbecue Grill Easy-Clean Briquette System

Locked-in Briquette Trays

Heavy-duty locked-in Briquette Trays
Evenly disperse heat across the entire cooking surface. Commercial grade locked-in briquette trays ensure an even cooking surface and reduce dead zones. Our commercial grade locked-in briquette trays will last for years to come!

Product Features
Overall Dimension 20″(H) x 25″ (W) x 25″ (D)
Box Dimensions 22″ (H) x 29″ (W) x 27″ (D)
Fuel Type Natural Gas (NG), Liquid Propane (LP)
Finish #443 Stainless Steel Construction
Hood Features Double-lined Hood
Grate Thickness 8mm Cooking Grates
Ignition Features Flame Thrower Ignition, Manual Flash Tube Ignition
Burner Type Stainless Steel Tube Burners
Briquette System Easy-clean Briquette System
Main Burner BTU’s 12,000 BTUs (each burner)
Temperature Gauge 3″ Built-in Temperature Gauge
Total Cooking Surface 560 (square inches)

Additional information

Weight 93 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 20 in


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