HPC Black 18" Round Fire Ring


HPC Fire Rings The better choice for fire rings! Our rings are made of heavier 16”-gauge steel. Choose from black finish or stainless steel in five sizes. Our fire rings have staggered burner ports for a better flame pattern and a more significant presence. They feature ports that are drilled, not punched. Rings may be used for natural gas or LP applications. Our welding is done by machine, so parts fit together more accurately; providing for neater welds. Our burner holes are drilled instead of punched. They are much more accurate and do not leave debris inside the tube, eliminating the whistle effect. The gas transfer tubes that go from the hub to the rings are slanted upward toward the hub so water does not collect and run down into the valve if the installation has one. The gas transfer tube/hub construction is higher quality, allowing more gas to get to the rings and offering larger flame output.

18" Single Black Iron Fire Ring, designed as 2 concentric rings with 1/2" hub.


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